What is an expository essay

What is an expository essay

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An expository essay always answers the questions: What does he/she/it look like? What emotions does it cause? Etc.

It seems that there is nothing easier than to describe the subject, however, believe me, this is not so, especially if the volume of a given essay is not one page, but several times more massive. This is where the suffering begins, which is usually associated with a lack of adjectives or the inability to see in the subject the details that can be described.

On the other hand, the use of a large number of adjectives does not mean that your composition will be excellent. The description has its own style. You need to tell in detail and figuratively about the subject. Remember that sometimes the description is not a listing of features, but their artistic understanding. Your task is to be inspired by the object of expository essay and try to convey your emotions to the reader so that he also sees the described object with your eyes.

The structure of the expository essay

Any essay-description is based on the following plan:

  • Description of the item/object in general
  • Description of parts or individual features
  • Description of the emotions that this object causes in you.

First, write an introduction in which you name the subject, its role, and function. Indicate how this item caught your attention. Determine what makes the object recognizable and what distinguishes it from others.

In the central part, describe the subject using artistic means. Go from the description of the more significant features to the less significant. Try to use the author’s descriptions, but not speech stamps. You need to be original.

In conclusion, indicate your personal attitude to the subject, and describe the emotions that it causes. It must be remembered that almost no description can do without elements of the narration.

Describing something, do not stop solely on external signs, and think about the internal component.

Descriptions are different

Indeed, the expository essay may be different. For example:

  • artistic,
  • scientific business
  • technical.

Scientific-business and technical descriptions are usually detailed and abound in special terms. There is no emotion in such writings, whereas artistic descriptions must be emotional.

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