How to make an essay longer

How to make an essay longer

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Written assignments often take into account the amount of text or the number of words. What if you said everything you wanted to say, but didn’t get the right amount? We will teach you to expand the text by adding relevant content.

Write down all your thoughts in free form. You need to learn how to write down everything that comes into your head, without thinking about the structure. This is not the last version of the text. Start with your own beliefs, even if the teacher has forbidden you to use the pronoun “I.”

Record the time (10-15 minutes will be enough). At this time, write without stopping. You can write down a lot of things, so use this time to fix the main ideas.

Try drawing a diagram. Place the main idea in the center of the page, and circle it. There may be something very general, for example, the Second World War. At this stage, it is essential to highlight the main topic.

Place related subtopics around the central theme. Try to draw at least 5-6 circles. Then, write all the associations that you have. You will begin to notice the connections between the topics and link them with lines. So you will have a kind of web, and you will be able to understand how your main ideas resonate and what follows from this or that thought.

Rewrite thoughts more clearly. These thoughts should be clear, deep, and complete. To get an extended essay, you need to write a maximum of the text at the draft stage, so carefully study the text and paragraph order.

Often, a short text is the result of a quick transition to basic ideas without introductions and explanations that would prepare the reader. Now you can change this.

Formulate a thesis. A thesis is the main statement, around which all your text is built. The argument should be controversial, complex, and specific.

If you have correctly formulated a thesis, you will have a lot of material for the essay, because theses are usually difficult to substantiate.

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