Double spaced essay

Double spaced essay

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In the world, there is an opinion that an essay is literally what you write in school on a topic that does not interest anyone except your teacher. At first glance, there is nothing in the dictionary that could soften this meaning. The very first definition is that this is a short literary essay on a given topic, usually in a prose form and, as a rule, of an analytical, evaluative and explanatory character.

The secret of essay writing

The essay is much like a military operation. It requires discipline, foresight, research, strategy, and a final victory.

Some say that the thesis should go to the bottom of the introduction, not from not top, but I think this is a huge mistake. The essence of an essay is to make a statement and then back it up. You cannot support a thought until you express it.

Main part

  • Rephrase the thesis for the first paragraph of the main part.
  • Argue a mini-thesis with facts and analysis.
  • Formulate the thesis in a new way of the main part of the paragraph in the context of a general theme.

Notes / Tips:

  • Start with the most powerful arguments.
  • Write quotes / thoughts like this: Generalized -> Specific -> Analysis/Conclusion
  • Always use a quote when trying to include an element of analysis in the same sentence. It is better not to use more than 5-7 words of the author. It may even be less.


  • Rephrase the lead/meta topic.
  • Refine it, once again paraphrasing the thesis.
  • Write one sentence for each paragraph of the main part.

Characteristics of the essay as a type of scientific work

If you have questions about how to write an essay, you need to refer to the characteristics that apply to this type of scientific work. Among them:

The work is devoted not to some topic as a whole, but to a specific issue, from which one should not move away in the process of writing.

The content of the essay reveals the position of the author and his personal assessment of the studied issue.

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